The Fourth of July – Stars and Stripes and Political Division

  • Post published:07/05/2021
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Stars and Stripes and the NYT

A front page story of Sunday’s New York Times shows a young man, Peter Treiber, Jr., standing in front of his vegetable truck at a farmer’s market. The side of the truck was painted with our Stars and Stripes flag, a perfect design for the Fourth of July. But no one was stopping to buy his honey, wild bergamot or sunflowers. At last he stopped a customer to ask why no one was shopping with him. “She said, ‘Oh, you know, I wasn’t so sure about you. I thought you were some flag-waver something or other.” Mr. Treiber was not happy to think that our flag could have this dichotomy between the ways people now thought about our flag. Our Flag! (more…)