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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May 15, 2020

Fringed bleeding hearts

Fringed Bleeding Hearts

On this beautiful sunny, but cool Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day in Massachusetts, I’ll take you along on my morning walk. The fringed bleeding heart has been blooming for a month against our house foundation.


Doronicum, forget-me-nots and an epimedium near the front corner of the house.


Nameless Daffodils are scattered among the low growing conifers in front of the house


Hellebore, in front of our new fence

Off to the back garden past dandelions, violets and gill over the ground

grape hyacinths

The grape hyacinths are going wild. Two friends have helped themselves.


Bistort is an energetic plant with pink wands waving


Fothergilla is just beyond the grape hyacinths and bistort

Phlox stolonifera

Phlox stolonifera, a lovely creeping phlox, a great ground cover.

Bleeding heart 'Goldheart'

‘Goldheart’ Bleeding Heart is just on the other side of the Southern Planting bed

Jacob's ladder

Jacob’s ladder is the only plant in bloom on the middle planting bed


A new poppy blooming near the quince on the third planting bed


This quince planted last year is fully 6″ tall. I think it will grow.


Troillus at the back of the third planting bed.


Geum grows opposite the troillus. I love geum, and more is on its way.


Primroses are fading at the back of the planting bed

Fairy bells

Fairy Bells are right near the the troillus. I don’t know a proper name. I bought them at the Bridge of Flowers plant sale, years ago

Summer snowflake

Leucojum aestivum or Summer Snowflake – but I don’t feel any summer yet.

Solomon's seal

Solomon’s Seal tucked in its own corner. Spreading slowlyl

At the very back of the garden, on the Hugel, wood poppies, and barren strawberries are still blooming

I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens, for giving us Bloom Day, giving us all a chance to see what is blooming all over our great land.