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Flowery Mystery Finally Solved.

mystery plants

Mystery plants

A few days ago I asked readers if they recognized some plants that I  could not identify. They came through, but no one could identify these two plants. That was understandable because they are so crowded together. I dug and pulled the more velvety plant away from the lacy plant. I planted it and waiting to see what would happen. I still do not know what the lacy plant is.

Mystery plant in bloom

The mystery plant, about 7 or 8 inches tall bloomed! But I still did not recognize it or know what it is.

Mystery answered!

Then I was working In the front garden where there were many blue forget-me-nots. One had white forget-me-not flowers as well. I had never seen white forget-me-nots.  This mystery is now solved, but it is hard to avoid all mysteries in the garden.

What is this plant?

What is this? The leaves are about 3 inches long and they are very handsome. They are spread over a large area in the back of the South Border. What will they become? Will I have to wit until they bloom? Mysteries never end. Any ideas?

Here is a large patch, but it continues to spread beyond this area