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Z is for Zinnia and so ends the A-Z Blogger Challenge


Z is for Zinnias. What is there to say about Zinnias except that they are cheerful, come in a whole variety of brilliant and tender colors, an array of forms from neat to shaggy. I love them. Renee’s Garden will show you some of that variety. They are great in the garden and great in bouquets.

Zinnias in the potager

The A to Z Challenge is over! I have survived and taken you on a ride through the garden from Apple to Zinnia. I’ve had fun and hope you have too. For the final Z entries click here.

5 comments to Z is for Zinnia and so ends the A-Z Blogger Challenge

  • Hi There, Thanks so much for visiting. I LOVE your blog… My mother grew zinnias… I loved them–so your photos brought back so many great memories…

    We are gardeners here in TN. We grow Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses (about 54 different varieties)…. Hope you will come back to my blog.

    We Retirees are also hikers –and search for waterfalls!!! I’m into Genealogy –and I love my Backyard Birds….

    Thanks again for visiting.

  • I enjoyed following you this month. I don’t know why I do not grow, nor have I ever grown, zinnias. Had fun following you this month. I look forward to future gardening posts.

  • Zinnias are just such a happy flower…so cheery and bright!! I enjoyed reading your A-Z challenge!

  • Pat

    Betsy – I really enjoyed your blog and will be back. You have roses that aare too tender for me, but I’ll be looking forward to admiring them.
    Denise – I have been so happy to find you and other wonderful bloggers on the A to Z.
    Christy – Zinnias are cheery and now it is time to return to our regular programs.

  • Congratulations, Pat! You’ve covered the “quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” territory in a highly illuminating and entertaining fashion. And to think that tomorrow you will embark on a nearly 11-year project with essays pertinent to some 4000 of the Chinese characters you regularly used during your Beijing years. And then what? A series devoted to dry climate plants using a daily does of Egyptian hieroglyphics? Whatever you do, landing on “Zinnias” was a charming way to end a charming series. Happy May Day!

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