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Two Beautiful Sights


Yesterday I went to Greenfield to hear a talk by the charming Ed Himlan of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition talk about rain gardens, but we didn’t have to stand out in the rain to enjoy it and learn. Did you know that the major cause of pollution in our waterways is from rainwater runoff?  More on that later.

During my drive about town I admired the forsythia in bloom everywhere. It hurts me to see bushes pruned severely into tight little hedges, but I love the glory of gracefully arching branches and exuberant tangles. What a beautiful sight!

My own forsythia is not blooming yet (it usually doesn’t) but the flat of seedlings that I planted a week ago is another beautiful sight.  Every morning I check progress and pour water into the tray to be absorbed by osmosis into the cell packs.  You will notice that the parsley has not yet sprouted.  There is a saying that parsley has to travel down to the devil and back three times before it sprouts.  I don’t know why, I only know it can take three weeks for parsley seed to germinate, even on a heat mat.

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