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Sunny Sunday With Friends and Mass MoCA

Brunch Buffet

That’s Tinky Weisblat’s blueberry cake and frosting. More food coming out of the kitchen. We built up our strength before heading of Mass MoCA

Great Porsche

Not My car. I look good in it though.

By BGL Arts Cooperative

Off to our favorite museum, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, with grandson Rory. This sculpture is made of discarded barriers from the Canada-US border.  You can ride it, and I did. The O Canada exhibit was fabulous!

The Mountain, mixed media by Graeme Patterson

Chris Millar - Mixed Media

Crash Landing

Rory in crashed spaceship

Grandson Rory is NOT responsible for the crash landing.

Space travelers live in tight quarters.


In Between - Installation With Arrows by Michael Fernandes

You had to look but this exhibit, random arrows shot from a cross bow, were scattered through the O Canada exhibit.

No gardens in this post, but I’ll soon put up photos of a Mass MoCA garden. Art is where you find it! For more (almost) Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.


2 comments to Sunny Sunday With Friends and Mass MoCA

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Great outing. I too think you look good in the Porsche. As my Uncle would have said “Porchee”. He had one many years ago and would never pronounce it right. You can imagine he was a character.

  • My blueberry bread is honored, and I think you need your own Porsche.

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