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Spring is Crocus Season



These crocus were just beginning to bloom when my husband and I were visiting our across-the-street neighbors. This is our neighbors first spring in the house and the patch of crocus was a lovely spring surprise.

crocus tommasinianus

Crocus tommasinianus

I think these crocus are tommasinianus, fondly known as ‘tommies.’ They are known for spreading generously because they propagate by seed and offset.

Purple crocus

Purple crocus

These purple crocus are growing in  the garden of my down-the-street neighbor. She has quite a stand. Both neighborns have inspired me.

Purple crocus

Purple crocus

Next fall you will find me planting crocus under the Japanese lilac tree next to the sidewalk.  These spring bulbs are so cheering, even on a day  when the skies are gray. Brent and Becky’s Bulbs is just one nursery that offers crocus in shades of white, gold,  and purple.

3 comments to Spring is Crocus Season

  • I used to look down on crocus because they were so small, I suppose. But now I love them–such beautiful spots of color signaling spring is on the way! I need to plant more this fall, too.

  • Indeed spring is crocus time and what a surprise!

  • Pat

    Rose – I was not impressed by crocuses for many years, but now I treasure all the most early blooming flowers.
    Donna – Crocus are a surprise – hardly visible until they bloom. What a gift.

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