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Spring at last!


The calendar says it’s spring, but I can drive past my snowy lawn and only DREAM of coltfoot growing at the side of my road. Coltsfoot, an herb, is one of the very first plants to bloom here on the hill.

More dreaming – of daffodils – my celebration of the first day of spring. I’m off to the Western Mass Master Gardener’s Spring Symposium. I will be sharing what I learn.

On Sunday I’m off to the Trillium cutting garden workshop. More dreaming of flowers.

2 comments to Spring at last!

  • This is what has helped me get through the winter, too, Pat–dreaming and planning for the “perfect” garden this year. We had some spring-like days this week, but I’ve been in AZ (where it’s definitely spring, almost summer!) visiting my daughter, so I haven’t been able to see if anything is coming up in Illinois yet. By the time I get home next week, it’s going to be cold again, wouldn’t you know.

  • Pat

    Rose – I came home from a conference today and so much snow had melted. Hooray! But now the forcast is for more cold. I guess the sugarers will be happy.

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