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Rachel’s Rose for Wordless Wednesday

Rachel's Rose

Rachel’s Rose

The day has been warmer, briefly, but windy and with an icy shower. I refused to think about it. I am thinking about Roses. I am thinking about Rachel’s Rose which I wrote about here.  Rachel’s Rose is an old trouble-free  farmhouse rose, name forever lost, but there are now new trouble-free roses available with a long season of bloom Peter Kukielski, former curator of the NYBG Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden,  is the man to tell you about them in his new book Roses Without Chemicals: 150 Varieties that will change the way you grow roses and on his new website.

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2 comments to Rachel’s Rose for Wordless Wednesday

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Definitely keep your mind on these beautiful roses. Warm thoughts like this can melt away the spring time ice.

  • Pat

    Lisa – My mind is filled with roses. On Saturday I am giving a talk on the sustainable rose and will be mentioning Peter Kukielski’s new book Roses Without Chemicals with beautiful photos of 150 roses..

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