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Quietness – and Her Sisters


Quietness is a Griffith Buck rose I saw last fall at the New York Botanical Garden. I knew I had to have it.  I ordered it from Chamblee Roses,  planted it this spring, and it is just starting to bloom.  The pale color and beautiful shape are perfectly serene.  I will be serene because Buck roses are very hardy.  Other Buck roses in my garden are Applejack, Hawk eye Belle, Prairie Harvest and Carefree Beauty.

Carefree Beauty

I planted Buck’s Carefree Beauty last year. It has not grown very much, but it does bloom – huge blossoms.

Hawkeye Belle

Hawkeye Belle was planted on the new Rose Bank this spring and is settling in. She also has delicate pink flowers. Hooray for Dr. Griffith Buck. He had an eye for roses, and compassion for gardeners who wanted a hardy disease resistant rose.

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