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Monday Bloom Record June 3, 2013

Boule de Neige and Rangoon rhododendrons

One 2013 resolution is to keep a good Bloom Record this year, noting bloom twice a month on the 1st and 15th of every month. After a lot of rain, about 4+ inches, and then hot! weather, things are really moving in the  garden. This is high rhodie season. Rangoon is nearly done, Boule de Neige is in full flower and Goldbusch is not quite blooming.

Calsap rhodie

Calsap is just beginning to bloom. I transplanted it a couple of years ago and it is doing much better. I remembered the rhodie planting rule – Keep it Simple, Just a Dimple. I had previously planted it too deep and it did not thrive. Another lesson implemented.


The tiarellas in the lawn reduction area are blooming and beginning to spread.


Heucherellas are a heuchera-tiarella hybrid. The foliage is heuchera-like and the flowers are more tiarella-like.

Campanula ‘Joan Elliott’

Campanula ‘Joan Elliott’ is a beautiful plant, and a good spreader. Trouble free – with divisions to give friends.

Carolina Lupine

I bought Carolina Lupine at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale last year and it is settling in and doing well. It sent up several tiny new shoots. Next year it should be quite spectacular.


This isn’t a very good photo, but I wanted to note that it is columbine season! These are spreading happily under the Mothlight hydrangea.


One small azalea is blooming, the other will bloom soon.

Annuals in Container

I finally potted up some annuals – geraniums, fuschia, lobelia,    , and rosemary.

Guan Yin Mian

The (brief) star of this season is Guan Yin Mian, one of my four tree peonies. The two red ones are also in bloom but not as lushly. The white tree peony has a single bud. Soon the herbaceous peonies will come into bloom.

Also blooming, Salvia ‘May Night’ has just begun. as have some of the alliums, at least those the deer haven’t eaten. Troillus is blooming and the pink bleeding heart is just about done, as are the lilacs.

Spring is arriving in fits and starts, but it is firmly here. Now I have to finish planting vegetable seeds!



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