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G is for Groundcover – Gill-over-the-ground



G is for Groundcover like ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea) otherwise known as gill-over-the-ground, seen here creeping from my lawn into the new Lawn Beds.

There is a lot of cross-over, if not confusion, about what is a wildflower, weed, or ‘real plant.’  A friend was trying to figure out how to rid of the gill-over-the-ground that had suffocated the strawberries growing under her grapevines. We discussed carboard and solarizing, but another friend asked why she didn’t just leave the gill-over-the-ground. It was a  wildflower with pretty blue flowers, made a nice ground covering mat and kept out other ‘weeds.’  Sounded like a good idea. That is what she is doing. Maybe I will too.

When this ground ivy, gill-over-the ground isn’t keeping out weeds it can be used as a spring tonic, an appetite stimulant and has other more serious medicinal uses.

I might let my own gill-over-the-ground have its way more often, but others feel very differently

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge. One week down – a post every day.

3 comments to G is for Groundcover – Gill-over-the-ground

  • I call this creeping charlie. It kills any unsuspecting flower in it’s path. Only the hardy survives and that would be the Creeping Charlie. UGH

  • I’m not familiar with this plant, but it looks like it would make a pretty ground cover.

  • Pat

    Lisa – Creeping charlie is another name for gill-over-the-ground and it sounds less benign and creepier. So to speak.
    Weekends – I’m amazed you haven’t seen this plant – in someone’s casually tended garden – but it is quite pretty and that’s before its little blue flowers appear.

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