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Doozy of a Dahlia

One of the gardens on the Buffalo Garden Walk had many dahlias – familiar varieties in familiar colors. But this dahlia is a doozy!  I’m going to have to research a source.  Has anyone seen this in a catalog?

7 comments to Doozy of a Dahlia

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    I have never seen such a flower. It is definitely worth seeking.

  • While we were in Michigan recently, we accompanied my father-in-law to a funeral service for a colleague of his, a fellow teacher. The gentleman had lived for 94 wonderful years; he’d lost his wife only six months earlier. In the local newspaper article expanding upon his life, and in the more pro forma obituary, it was noted that contributions should go to the Vidalia Society. Who knew? A fondness for sweet onions? At the funeral, after the homily, the minister clarified the request. The obituary information, delivered by telephone, had been misunderstood: the fellow had requested that donations be made in his wife’s memory. She, an avid and active gardener throughout her life, had been a member of the Dahlia Society.

    No doubt this blog’s entry on dahlias is being read in heaven.

  • Please share with all of us when you find out, Pat!

    So nice to see you in Buffalo.


  • That is a doozy! I haven’t seen anything like it~I wonder if there’s a dahlia society? gail

  • Pat

    Gail – Yes, there is an American Dahlia Society with a great website – I haven’t had time to go through ALL the many photos they have of singles to try and identify this dahlia.

  • Wow! This is something you don’t see everyday! Nice!

  • Osi

    Yes, Wave Hill has this Dahlia!

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