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View from the Bedroom Window – November 2014

November 3, 2014 View from the Bedroom Window

November 3, 2014 View from the Bedroom Window

The view from the bedroom window on November 3 shows that the grass is still lushly green. Makes us remember that lawn grass is a cool weather crop. The trees in the landscape are all bare, but a clump of hardy chrysanthemums is still holding on.

View from the bedroom window - our first snow

View from the bedroom window – our first snow November 14

We woke on November 14 to the first snow. I took a poll and one and half inches qualifies as a real snow fall. Animal tracks confirm it.

Ice on November 17

Ice on November 17

The snow melted some, but was replaced with freezing rain and ice.

November 28, 2014 after the snowstorm

November 28, 2014 after the snowstorm

Thanksgiving came late but because of recent mild weather we were all lulled into a false sense of security.  Snow warnings began the weekend before T-day, and did not shift. Tuesday night we planned to leave for Tyngsboro early in the morning instead of waiting. Snow began in the afternoon and kept up. Some of the family stayed home, leaving more Dessert Night for us hardy souls, but the snow stopped  during the night. Everyone made it to Thanksgiving dinner. On the morning  of the 28th we got word that Heath had gotten 17 inches of snow and lost power. We loaded up the car double quick and raced home – but all was well! Winter is here. As expected.

Only one more snowy month in the year, and I’ll review the movement of sun, rain, wind  and snow for all of 2014. This was my one- year project to keep track of the seasons. 2015 will be different. No day is exactly the same, and certainly no season.

Cold and Ice on Wordless Wednesday

View from the Bedroom Window  November 17, 2014

View from the Bedroom Window November 17, 2014

By the time we had ice on the trees and landscape we had already had our first snowfall – one and a half inches of the white stuff. But that weather all felt like a heat wave. This morning the temperature was a record breaking 16 degrees! AND the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a  much colder winter in our part of the world!  The firewood is almost all stacked.

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View From the Bedroom Window – September 2014

View from the bedroom window September 2, 2014

View from the bedroom window September 2, 2014

August was relatively cool this year, so it should have been no surprise that on September 2 it was 80 degrees and humid. The roofers came to put on a new roof – and were slowed down by a shower in the middle of the afternoon.

September 21, 2014

September 21, 201As

As the month progressed it became cool again. There was two inches of torrential rain on September 6 – and the new roof is not leaking! Our granddaughter Tricia’s wedding was held at Look Park in Northampton on Friday, September 12. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Then cooler weather again with a light frost on September 18. Some plants were nipped, but no serious damage. There does not appear to be much change, but the phlox is nearly gone by and you can see the green seeping out of the foliage in  the woodlands.

September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Fewer flowers are blooming in the Lawn Beds, but color is rising all around us in the woods.

View from the Bedroom Window – August 2014

August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

A cool cool August. That means the grass grows really fast, even though there hasn’t been any rain to speak of.

August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014

This has got to be one of  the coolest Augusts ever. Nighttime temperatures in the 50s – and often taking a long while to warm up. The one rainfall came all at once. Torrents amounting to 2-1/2 inches on August 13.

August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

The Lawn Beds don’t change very much, at least from this angle, but the field beyond has become more and more golden as the goldenrod comes into bloom. The weather remains cool.

View from the Bedroom Window – July 2014

View from the Bedroom Window July 1, 2014

View from the Bedroom Window July 1, 2014

The view from the bedroom window on July 1, 2014 shows a hot and humid landscape, but there is a breeze.

July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

It’s been hot, humid and rainy. The rains are usually torrential – July 4 – 2 inches; July 7 – 2 inches; July 15 – 3 inches during the night.

July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

Thelast week of July was chilly, with night temperatures in the 50′s. Breezy during the day. A total of another 2-1/2 inches rain on the July 27-28.   With a few showers thrown in, we’ve had about 10 inches of rain during July.

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View from the Bedroom Window – June 2014

View from the Bedroom Window June 1, 2014

View from the Bedroom Window June 1, 2014

The view  from the bedroom window on June 1 shows that the lilacs still have nice bloom, but there are not many flowers in bloom yet. We do move into high gear, pruning clipping and mowing to prepare for the Annual Rose Viewing which will be on Sunday, June 29 this year.

View from the bedroom window June 8, 2014

View from the bedroom window June 8, 2014

The lilacs are in shade in this photo, but they are definitely finished. No hot summer weather yet, with temperatures rarely reaching 80 degrees, and lots of good breezes that keep the bugs down. One light shower, and one good rainfall of 1-1/2 inches.

View from the bedroom window June 21, 2014

View from the bedroom window June 21, 2014

The ginkgos are finally fully leafed  out and you can see that the salvia ‘May Night’ in the Lawn Bed is blooming. Still no really hot weather. We even had an evening fire in the woodstove on June 11. Sunny and breezy with about 1-1/4 inch rain since June 8.

We were so  busy getting ready for the Annual Rose Viewing that I neglected to get a view from the bedroom. However, I can report that the  view was very much the same. The roses that started to bloom are not really visible from this view. There was a heavy rain, 2-1/2 inches on the night of June 25. In spite of TV news reports of bad weather none materialized. June 29 dawned slowly, and was humid, but guests arrived, admired the roses. Because of so much cool weather the bloom might have been slightly less exuberant, but still there was a good show. Have I ever mentioned that it never rains on the Rose Viewing?  Sometimes just before, and sometimes just after, but never between 1 and 4 pm.


First Day of Spring – Just for the Record

March 20, 2014 9 am

It snowed and rained last night. As the first day of spring dawned the plow came through, but mostly they were sanding the road because things were a bit icy outside. The temperature was already 34 degrees – and climbing. More showers.

The Cottage Ornee is Spring sun

The rain stopped!  Only the roofs are dripping, dripping. The sun came out and raised the temperature to 45 degrees. The snow will melt some today. I am not discouraged because I know it could always be worse. This is what the first day of spring looked like last year.

March 19, 2013

A foot of snow fell during the night – and it wasn’t the last snow fall of the year. Last year The Bridge of Flowers opened on schedule on April 1, but then closed again because of another snowfall. But I’m sure that won’t happen this year. Will it?

View from My Bedroom Window – February 2014

View from the Bedroom Window February 2

With this view from the bedroom window on February 2, I continue my more or less regular record of the weather and climate in this year of our Lord 2014. The dawn temperature was 34 degrees. Snow is melting.

February 6, 2014

Thirteen inches of snow fell yesterday, and so did temperatures today – 9 degrees.  But it is sunny.

February 9, 2014

More snow on February 8, about 3 inches. Temperature still cold, 10 degrees at 7 am.

February 21, 2014

Still more snow! A total of 30 inches in the last 10 days.  And this morning freezing fog turning the trees into crystal.

February 25, 2014

The road is clear, but the snow is melting very slowly because it is so cold. 10 degrees this morning,


February 28, 2014

The last day of February. We are glad to see this cold snowy moth depart – even though we do treasure all that precipitation. Now I walk out to the henhouse on snow that is frozen solid. The Polar Vortex seems to have left its shadow over our region. Zero degrees on this final day of the month.  How long will it take all the ice and snow to melt?

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View From the Bedroom Window – January 2014

The View From My Bedroom Window January 5, 2014

This is my post for the View from the Bedroom Window for the  month of January. A continuing record.  By January 5 we  had 10 inches of snow and temperatures of  minus 10 degrees last night.  A Polar Vortex is promised  in the next couple of days.

January 13, 2014

On Monday, January 6 it was rainy and foggy and 50 degrees. The Polar Vortex arrived on Tuesday, January 7 with temperatures of minus 18 and WIND. The trek to the henhouse was bitter. I had to wrap my face in scarf.  But then  the weather became milder. On January 11 it was warm enough, 38 degrees, for pouring rain! The snow is nearly gone.

January 19, 2014

On January 18 it snowed and snowed. About six inches. This morning the temperature was 21 degrees at 8 am. Beautiful, mild day as the sun came out.

January 26, 2014

January 26 and temperatures hover at Zero at dawn.  Bright sun, brisk breezes; it is cold!  As the old saying goes, the cold grows stronger as the days grow longer. Last night’s snow showers freshened the landscape.

January is over, but I am hoping for a lot more snow. Precipitation is what we need.

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Mystery Melt – and the Solution?

Mystery Melt

What is a mystery melt? Yesterday morning we had snow showers, and cold temperatures all afternoon.  When I went out to the henhouse I noticed this mystery melt  that ran from the top of the slope towards our wellhead.

Mystery Melt

I  thought it was so strange to have such a clearly demarked area when the cold temperatures kept the veil of snow intact everywhere else.

We have a lot of water on  our hill with intermittent streams that have created paths of water/damp loving sedges in our  fields. There is a dug well up in the field, a 30 foot dug well lined with stone (an artful marvel of engineering) in back of the house near our drilled well, and a shallow dug well in the North Lawn Bed. The Sunken Garden is nearly a swimming pool from spring into mid-summer. Water comes coursing into our basement – and out through a conduit and onto the road. Water everywhere.

Thinking about all the water on our  hill showed I was on the right track. When I showed this to my husband Henry at the end of the day, he didn’t think it was a river or stream, but a spring not far below the surface. The area has always been wet. Then when we had work done on our foundation a few years ago our construction guy was moving soil around behind the house. Henry pointed out that the shape of this melt looked a lot like a bulldozer scrape. The spring was then just a little closer to the surface.

It’s possible. What do you think.