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Time to Buy Seeds, Time to Order Plants

Backyard Garden in the Snow and Ice

The backyard garden is full of snow and ice, but great balls o’ fire  — days awaistin’. I already have friends who say the seeds they ordered were told it was too late. It’s no fun to see a page of a seed catalog and learn that half the seeds are no longer available.

Last year, on March 22 I attended the Cabin Fever Seed Swap. Gardeners gathered to share their seeds, extra bought seeds and seeds from plants they had grown. The Covid pandemic had not made clear the dangers that were beginning around the world. This year we know all too well how dangerous Covid 19 is,  and how important it is to quarantine ourselves. There will be no Seed Swap this year.

Because of the pandemic we  have all changed our schedules. There is much less visiting and joining in group events. What to do?  Many have found  the pleasures of gardening – and the run on seeds, flower seeds and vegetable seeds, began. Fortunately we can look at all kinds of seed catalogs on-line.

Tip Top Rosa Nasturtium

I begin with the AAS, All American Seed Winners, every year. AAS is a non-profit trialing organization. Their goal is to promote new garden varieties and to test new untried varieties. I was particularly taken by Nasturtium Tip Top Rose (which is a beautiful nasturtium, NOT a rose) which I think would look great in containers.

I have been getting seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds for years. Johnny’s was beginning its life at the same time in 1973 that I was planting my first vegetable garden. In addition to vegetable and flower seeds Johnny’s  offers gardening equipment.

Other favorites of mine are Renee’s Garden which is famous for its gorgeous and fragrant sweet peas like Zinfandel, a rich wine color. I like to use High Mowing Organic Seeds because they are an organic GMO operation.



Blue Lake pole beans. I’ve got the poles already

I planted a very (very!) small vegetable garden this past year. My garden is extremely wet, but I was determined to plant a few vegetables. Here’s what I learned. Such a small space can only have very! few favorite favorite vegetables. So far I have determined that I can have sugar snap peas and Pole beans. Tomatoes, of course! There might be room for a little more, but I am still working on that.

I know time is short. Have you got your seeds?

Now I have to think about whether there are any potted plants I want.  They might be hard to get too.