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Prepared for Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour Sunday, July 12

Folksinger Rose

Folksinger, a Dr. Griffith Buck rose

The Garden Tour has been postponed to Sunday, July 12. It is almost time for the Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour. My garden is one of ten that will be on display.  My garden has roses, just beginning to enjoy their second blooming.  I wish I could tell the Fairy rose buds from those that need to be deadheaded.

Red and yellow daylily

Currently nameless, this red and yellow daylily is ready for the tour

I love daylilies because they have such a long bloom season. I have daylilies with lots of different colors and forms.

Aesclepius tuberosa

Aesclelpius tuberosa – milkweed

Aescleipius tuberosa is just one of the plants that attract pollinators like bees and other insects.

Phlox is a quintessential garden flower. I love  this shade of blue.

The Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour will be held Sunday, July 12.  Tickets, $10. The ticket is a map with directions to the ten gardens that will be available at the John Zon Community Center on Pleasant Street at 8:30 am until 1 pm. The tour will end at 4 pm. The tour is being held be held on Sunday. Masks and social distancing essential.