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T is for Troillius in the A to Z Challenge


Troillius europaeus or Globeflower

T is for Troillius europeaneus, or Globeflower on  the A to Z Challenge. I bought my Trollius at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale a few years ago.  It is the sunniest, happiest flower I know. Bloom season is the end of May into June.

I did not move it to the new garden in Greenfield, but I just looked up its requirements, and while it prefers a neutral soil, it also doesn’t mind wet or heavy soil. I will start looking for a spot to plant this again. And, as it turns out, maybe I will find it at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale again – coming right up on May 14, 2016, 9 am to noon. Don’t be late, because when the bell rings to start the sale the rush begins.


Globeflower or Troillius europaeus